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Sometimes it's hard being the girl that's "always smiling" that "always looks happy" and that "giggles at everything"

Because no one actually fully believes you when you tell them you suffer from depression and high anxiety. I finally got it confirmed by the doctor a couple of weeks ago and having to come to the terms I have a "mental illness" was pretty tough to begin with. Yes I have good days and days like today where I'm watching and talking to people but I'm just staring and nothings going in, where I want to curl up in a ball even if there's loads of people round or drive off somewhere.

The media romanticises depression and mental illness, but honestly, there's nothing romantic about crying on your boyfriend while he tries to understand what's going on in your head, or when your mum worries about you because she doesn't want to see you hurting.

Sometimes I just want someone who doesnt actually know to see through my happy face and understand how it feels and sometimes I don't want to act brave and strong.

Everyone, at some point in their lives, wakes up in the middle of the night with the feeling that they are all alone in the world, and that nobody loves them now and that nobody will ever love them, and that they will never have a decent night’s sleep again and will spend their lives wandering blearily around a loveless landscape, hoping desperately that their circumstances will improve, but suspecting, in their heart of hearts, that they will remain unloved forever. The best thing to do in these circumstances is to wake somebody else up, so that they can feel this way, too.

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I don't know what the Fuck is going on anymore. Haha

I’m tired of messing things up and ruining stuff.
I try and make everything perfect and I just end up letting my emotions get in the way.

I can’t be your girlfriend anymore.
Yeah, and apparently not even my friend.

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